When it comes to beauty products I am definitely the one who is desprete  to try out every single one that is out there. Being at the beach for so long now and my skin being exposed to the sun, salt and sand almost all day long, it is very important to treat your skin with care.

I recently discovered the brand AB Australia and I am absolutely obsessed with their products. They come in a chic black design and just smell wonderful. I tried out their peeling (which also comes in a very handy travel size) and I literally fell in love! You know, you can use all kinds of oils and moisterizers but if you don’t remove the dead skin cells every ones in a while with a scrub the product won’t work as good as they are supposed to.

As they state on their website: “We use all natural, organic ingredients, with specially selected cold-pressed coconut oils to maximise the benefits to your skin. The result of years of experimenting to get the perfect blend of organic richness infused into your skin that leaves you feeling refreshed, delicious and glowing.”

So what’s the message from Alannah Brown Australia? ” Go ahead. Indulge yourself in a warm shower and wrap yourself in the sweet luxury of this natural gift to your beautiful body. Elegance has never felt so healthy.”

Stay tuned for more!

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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