Exploring the fashion world every day is a way of living I wish to achieve. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved trying out new looks and getting inspired by the leading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle or Harpers Bazaar. While other girls my age watched series about horses, I watched the newest shows on Fashion TV. I even tried to draw some of the newest looks from the seasons, but always intended to bring some ideas of my own in the drawings.


As I grew older, my passion for fashion grew with me.
For me, blogging is my way out of my ordinary everyday-life. It gives me the chance to fulfill my dreams of experiencing something new and special every day. There is more in the fashion world then just girls walking around in high heels. There is a history behind every piece the designers make, a lot of hours spent until the final piece is available for you in the stores and major enjoyment when you are finally able to buy the piece you love. Blogging gives me pure enjoyment and happiness because of fashion’s variety and excitement.


This blog represents my creative, silly, fun, serious, adventurous, high-class, grounded side of myself. Here I share bits and pieces of my life as I continue to grow. My life is a wild journey I invite you to travel with me. Get inspired by my fashion, travel and beauty experiences and enjoy experimenting with it as much as I do.