Andalusian Summer Night

It definitely has been a while, my last entry here was last year in November. A lot has happened in my life and it has completely changed since my last entry so I decided to finally pull my self together and share with you all the beautiful pictures I took this summer. This summer was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions, but everything turned out better than ever expected, and I am happier than I have ever been. For the once who follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen a glimpse of my Spain trip with my family.

For the first time in years, my family and I managed to go away together again. What started off as just a fun idea at the dinner table was soon realized and two weeks later the four of us were sitting in the plane on our way to the Andalusian coast.

You guys, I have been to Andalusia in Spain before, but I have never been to such a breathtaking beach before. It was by far the widest and calmest beach and it was the perfect 10 day getaway for all of us. And as the pictures speak for themselves, the sunsets were beyond breathtaking. On my world trip, I have seen beyond belief sunsets (Check out this post or this post) but the ones at the coast close to Cadiz definitely made it to my top ten favorite sunsets.

Sunsets, in general, are next to the Golden Hour (right before the sun is setting) my favorite time of the day. There is something magical when the whole sky is tinted in warm red, pink and purple tones and you almost get sentimental cause the day you just spent is coming to an end. What is your favorite time of the day? When do you feel at peace with yourself?

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