Hydration in 4 easy steps

Beauty Collaboration 15. October 2019 0 Comments

Hydration is key for a healthy looking skin As you might know from my previous posts, hydration is KEY to healthy-looking skin. I have been using the 4 steps rigorously throughout last month, and my skin is visibly more hydrated. You will never be able to tell if a product truly works after one time usage only because when you…

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Glamping at Kimo Estate

Collaboration Travel 24. September 2019 0 Comments

Kimo is an aboriginal name for “mountains”, and the 3 huts are on top of three hills overlooking the 7000 acre Estate. When standing on the platform of the Fergo’s Hut, overlooking the lagoon, you can finally breathe again. Or that’s how I felt at least. Staying there, definitely makes you remember how to live a simple and yet so…

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Boho Summer Vibes

Collaboration Fashion 3. July 2019 0 Comments

By far, my favorite shootings are with Mike. Isn’t it that the best pictures are being taken when you feel most comfortable in your own skin? Well, when I have him by my side I don’t just feel comfortable; I feel empowered, happy, elegant… I just feel like I am my true self. This is definitely what Love is all…

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One night with you

Collaboration 3. July 2019 5403 Comments

Here is the second series of our photoshoot we had with Melanie, and it was so much fun strolling through the city and taking all these romantic pictures together. Even though we were in a Swiss city, the dusk scenery made it feel like we were strolling to an elegant gala dinner in Venice. I always have the most fun…

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Get ready with us

Beauty Collaboration 24. May 2019 1279 Comments

Things I live by Sophie “My hair is definitely one of my favorite body parts, and the color of it even gave this blog its name. Having my hair perfectly styled and ready for any occasion is high on my To-do list every single day. With trying to achieve the perfect look, good hairstyling products that won’t damage your hair…

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Cheers to…

Collaboration 31. December 2018 71 Comments

I am writing this post in the last hours of 2018. Whoever follows me on Instagram has probably already seen my short but very emotional Recap of 2018. What can I say, this year was filled with a lot of lessons learned (I got my heart broken, again), with a lot of tears and laughter and with memories that will last…

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Merry Christmas

Collaboration 24. December 2018 0 Comments

  Another year is coming to an end, and even though the pre-Christmas time is one of the most stressful time of the year (at least for me) there is something magical about it. All the decorations, the lights, the gift shopping; everything brings a joyful mood with it. Since I have a rather big family compared to other Swiss…

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Pink Dust

Collaboration Fashion 29. March 2017 0 Comments

Spring is finally, finally here! So get all your light coloured, flower-printed and fun clothes out again, because: Sun’s out, Fun’s out! My mood literally changes a hundert-eighty degrees with the appearance of Spring Time. Its just that the whole atmosphere changes; the people get happier, the days get longer and the flowers start to blossom. You know what else is…

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