Boho Summer Vibes

Collaboration Fashion 3. July 2019 0 Comments

By far, my favorite shootings are with Mike. Isn’t it that the best pictures are being taken when you feel most comfortable in your own skin? Well, when I have him by my side I don’t just feel comfortable; I feel empowered, happy, elegant… I just feel like I am my true self. This is definitely what Love is all…

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Fashion 30. November 2018 0 Comments

I know, Winter is about to hit us hard here in Switzerland. The days are so short, it literally feels like the day has never really started in the first place. There is barely any sun, so the days are filled with grey clouds and rain drops. So why not indulge in some throwback pictures from my vacation this summer…

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October Instagram Favorites

Fashion 5. November 2018 0 Comments

You guys, I am back with my monthly Insta faves ready for you to shop. Here are some of my favorite looks I posted on Instagram last month and linked similar items below the pictures. Happy shopping everyone! First look I shot in Zurich, my hometown. This wool dress from Mango is the perfect dress when the season is about to…

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November Instagram Favorites

Fashion 21. November 2017 1 Comments

It’s this time of the month again, where I upload my last months’ favorites with all the items ready for you to shop. Check out my new Shop on my Website where you will find all my Instagram Outfits ready to shop. Happy Shopping everyone! <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Happy…

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Fashion 6. November 2017 0 Comments

As you might have noticed from my latest Instagram posts and also from my whole blog color concept, the color pink plays a major role in it. Let’s just appreciate how cute my logo is. Because of my admiration for the color of feminity and romance and the awareness of breast cancer month, I decided to show you a rather…

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October Instagram Favorites

Fashion 1. November 2017 1 Comments

So, lately I have had a really creative mindset regarding my blog; so I decided to add a few new things to my website (stay tuned!). One of the new things I would like to add is a monthly favorite of my looks that I posted on Instagram, linking all the looks ready for you to shop. Shop my look:…

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Clean lines

Fashion Travel 30. October 2017 59 Comments

I fell in love with this mega-city, when I visited in 2012 for Christmas. You guys, Christmas in Asia is yes weird, because there is no snow, but also fascinating because they do embrace the western decoration tradition in their own way. Meaning everything is bigger, louder and way more sparkly. So if you are looking for a get-away for…

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Fashion 12. April 2017 17 Comments

Spring, oh Spring, how good you are to us this year. Last year around this time I was already on my way to Australia, and of course, nothing beats the summery beach vibe that is basically always going on in Australia, but I have to admit that I have been speechless by all those blossoming trees and flowers around me.…

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