Glamping at Kimo Estate

Collaboration Travel 24. September 2019 0 Comments

Kimo is an aboriginal name for “mountains”, and the 3 huts are on top of three hills overlooking the 7000 acre Estate. When standing on the platform of the Fergo’s Hut, overlooking the lagoon, you can finally breathe again. Or that’s how I felt at least. Staying there, definitely makes you remember how to live a simple and yet so…

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Travel Essentials

Beauty Travel 16. April 2019 386 Comments

I have flown quite a bit the last couple of years, due to the fact that I did an around the world trip and that I constantly have the so called: travel bug. Even though I travel to a different destination every time, I always have my travel essentials with me, whether they are beauty products or clothing essentials. Since…

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Andalusian Summer Night

Travel 19. September 2018 319 Comments

It definitely has been a while, my last entry here was last year in November. A lot has happened in my life and it has completely changed since my last entry so I decided to finally pull my self together and share with you all the beautiful pictures I took this summer. This summer was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions,…

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Clean lines

Fashion Travel 30. October 2017 59 Comments

I fell in love with this mega-city, when I visited in 2012 for Christmas. You guys, Christmas in Asia is yes weird, because there is no snow, but also fascinating because they do embrace the western decoration tradition in their own way. Meaning everything is bigger, louder and way more sparkly. So if you are looking for a get-away for…

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Food Guide: Miami

Travel 14. October 2017 0 Comments

Welcome to a new part of Blonde Vanity…my favorite restaurant, food stand, bars and coffee places from all over the world. This had to come at some point, because when I am traveling one of my favorite things to do, apart from obviously relaxing and tanning, shopping, and cultural activities is looking for interesting and authentic food and coffee places.…

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Indonesian Retreat

Travel 28. March 2017 0 Comments

We had a real blast travelling around Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok for a month. Indonesia really felt like a retreat, with all its possibilities of relaxation and good food. I was more than surprised to find so much beauty in almost every corner of those islands. Everything there was just perfect; the weather, the atmosphere, the prices, the…

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New Zealand Road Trip

Travel 14. March 2017 1585 Comments

When we first arrived in New Zealand we were a little bit shocked by two things; the prices and weather. Traveling through hot and very cheap countries for almost two months got us used to low prices and light clothing. So the first thing we did in New Zealand? We went to shop some warm sweaters and jackets. All in all…

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