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I fell in love with this mega-city, when I visited in 2012 for Christmas. You guys, Christmas in Asia is yes weird, because there is no snow, but also fascinating because they do embrace the western decoration tradition in their own way. Meaning everything is bigger, louder and way more sparkly. So if you are looking for a get-away for this Christmas, Singapore is definitely worth a visit.

I shot these pictures at one of my favorite spots in the whole city, the platform in front of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. You guys, if you ever in your life get a chance to stay at this hotel even for one night, please do so. It is one of my favorite hotels in the whole world; not because it is a high-end luxury hotel but because the whole experience you get from the minute you get out of the taxi. The smell, the ambiance, the architecture, the shopping, the views, the rooftop pool – its the combination that makes this hotel oh so very special.

Singapore, in general, is very impressive when it comes to modern, clean lines, diversity of cultures and yep food and shopping options. What I love about this city is you can walk around super-chic and all pampered up or casual and you will fit in. My favorite look for a summer night out? White dress, white bag, and suede heels.

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