Food Guide: Miami

Welcome to a new part of Blonde Vanity…my favorite restaurant, food stand, bars and coffee places from all over the world.

This had to come at some point, because when I am traveling one of my favorite things to do, apart from obviously relaxing and tanning, shopping, and cultural activities is looking for interesting and authentic food and coffee places.
So am I a foodie? ABSOLUTELY!


B Bistro + Bakery

This little breakfast/lunch place is so minimalistic but also quiet loud. If you get a chance try the Truffle Bun (Yes, guilty; whenever I spot Truffle on a menue, every other dish looses my attention)

I tried:

Truffle Bun

Iced Coffee (always)

The Local House

You guys, the ambiente in this spot is – future living room goals! We sat outside to have late breakfast and when I walked inside to use the restroom, I was blown away; so chic and sophisticated, yet beach-vibey- a real retreat right on South Beach (I actually told my friends to go inside just to go look at the decor)

I tried:

Lobster Benedict

Iced coffee


Are you looking for a vegan, gluten-free and seasonal place? Look no more because DIRT has it all. Again a very tiny place, but still on South Beach and very innovative in the decor and food of course.

I tried:

Avocado Toast

Coffee (ask for Macadamia Milk)

Dr. Smood – Wynwood Organic Cafe

If you are looking for something very organic and artsy – thats your place to be. Wynwood has a lot of interesting places to offer, but the very clean very organic place is a very cool chill out place.

I tried:

Avocado Toast

Detox Juice

Friends Market & Bistro

We actually went there twice because it was very conveniently close to our apartment and the food and vibe inside was great. They actually had a little supermarket inside the place and most of the people inside were speaking Spanish.

I tried:

Salmon Bagel

Green Vita Smoothie



Lukes Lobster Brickell City Center

I actually made my friends go there twice, why? The Trio combo rolls of lobster, shrimps and crab are DELICIOUS. It is also very handy to go have a quick snack there while shopping at the Brickell City Center.

I tried:

Luke’s Trio

Mango’s South Beach

Well, if you like it loud, and I mean loud with music, people, colours, cars – that’s your spot. Its legit at the Ocean Drive and you can sit next to the street and look at all the overpriced cars passing by and showing off. Food whise; a big NO. Attraction whise; a big YES.

I tried:


Bacon Cheddar Sliders

Hard Rock Cafe

Well, what is there to say about this place; where ever you go in the world (believe me I have been to quite a few) you will most certaintly find the same menues. So what is special about the one in Miami? The location! Sit outside and enjoy the view of the port and the ocean.

I tried:

BBQ Bacon Burger

Sushi Maki

If you are looking for a sushi place where you get quantity for price, well thats the one. It has  a great variety of sushis from all over the world.

I tried:


Sashimi Tacos

Whole foods roll 

Dragon roll 




What is there to say about NOBU. Well, I visit the Peruvian infused restaurant where ever I go and get a chance to do so. I have actually been to 6 of them already :). Nobu is a MUST for everyone who loves to try new, innovative and oh well a bit expensive dishes all inspired by the Japanese cuisine but with a Peruvian touch. If you can’t decide between the dishes just go with the Omakase, it’s definitely worth a try.

I tried:

Salmon Tartar with Caviar 

Oysters with Nobu’s Salsas or New Style 

Lobster Tempura Roll 

Spicy Edamame 

Crispy Brussel Sprouts 

Nobu’s House Special 

Lychee Margarita 

(yes, I shared) 


Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

The place definitely gives its name ‘Wynwood’ credit; Artsy yet innovative yet popular. The whole concept of this place is to share tapas with your friends. It is loud, the food is delicous and the atmosphere is great.

I tried:


Moscow Mule 

Cibo Wine Bar South Beach

Just like truffle, I loose it with Burrata too. I seriously don’t know what it is but oh well, everyone obsessed with it agrees. This place is phenomenal. Very modern, airy and yes Italian.

I tried:


Ravioli with Lobster


PF Chang

PF Chang is probably one of my favorite food chains in the south. I am usually, or mostly always never a big fan of chains (except for Nobu, of course), but the Chinese kitchen with a modern touch of American definitly makes the cut. If you are looking for a laid back dinner night out – thats your place.

I tried:

Terriyake Asparagus 


Long Life Noodles 


(nope, I didn’t share)

Cantina La Veinte

Oh my, this restaurants interior is definite goals. This very high end mexican restaurant gives you a very upper class vibe of Tex Mex food. Are you looking for the Cheese dip you get at every other mexican chain across the US? No where to be found. But, all of the rest is incredible.

I tried:

Octopus Carpaccio


Va Piano

All Europeans are going to be like, wow seriously, you went to Va Piano? Well, it is very common all over Europe and famous for its Pasta and Pizza dishes. But hear me out; If you are in an absolute laid back, super chill dinner vibe but are too lazy to cook, if you have a Va Piano next door, you will probably end up there. And always remember; in every city, they have special dishes that fit the environment.

I tried:

Pasta Avocado Pesto and Scampi 


Do you want to eat on top of Lincoln Roads shops on a terrace overlooking everything? Look no more, because Juvia is your place to go. This restaurant counts to one of my favorites from all over the world. Yes it is pricey, yes the portions are small but that rooftop terrace you guys, definitely worth it. I last was there 4 years ago, so I can’t remember what I tried, but still, go check it out!

Rosa Mexicano

Another very authentic Mexican place, but more laid back than Cantina La Veinte. Its somewhere in between TexMex food chain and Cantina La Veinte. There is cheese dip, but made out of high quality cheese and more tradionally Mexican rather than TexMex. I have to say, I was a little disappointed about my dish, because, yes this actually happens to me too, I ordered the wrong dish. But all of my friends really liked it so its definitely worth mentioning.

I tried:

Queso Fundido 

Guacamole en Molcajete (made freshly at the table) 



Nikki Beach (afternoon)

How did we get to know this place? Well, like every other tourist who was attracted by a promoter on South Beach of course. Never the less the place is super edgy, very cool to go chill out (the ocean is right next to it) and well, there is free alcohol if you actually come with a promoter, so why not. Just a little tip; if you chill out in one of the cabanas like we did, do not order any food unless you are willing to pay USD 700 minimum consumation. Yep, we thought so too, we will just stick to the free alcohol. But the Oyster shell that our neighbors got did look very tempting.

I tried:

Just alcohol 🙂 (who would have guessed)



Mojito Bar

This cute little bar is hidden next to the Wood Tavern. You actually find yourself in a completely different world than outside on the streets, so definitely go inside.

I tried:

Tamarindo Mojito with Jalapeno (secret tip from the bar man)

Wood Tavern 

Very Wynwood, very Miami, definitely worth a stop along your night out (maybe in the beginning, since all the big clubs are in a completely different area of the city). There is also Taco Tuesday with free tacos until midnight, but oh well they are just free but not that outstanding.



Whoever misses Bali (me!) will be catapulted from the high-end streets of Brickell into a balinesian oasis. The place is built up like a tree house, with a lot of steps, briges and little places to chill out and enjoy the vibe. We actually didn’t try the food, but according to the looks and the atmosphere, I bet its good.

I tried:

The secret garden 


I hope you guys liked my favorite spots in Miami. Let me know in the comments below:)


Talk to you soon, xx Sophie

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