As much as I love minimalistic clothes, there is nothing like a moving dress or shirt. With moving I mean fringes, plissé, layers, shags and much more. Dresses with never ending panels and overwhelming shapes and colours are just always worth wearing.
Speaking of overwhelming, I am happy to announce that I will join a beautiful wedding in Tel Aviv in May and I just can’t wait to wear all my colourful dresses and shoes, which I just not really wear here due to lack of sunlight and good weather. But actually right now while writing this very special article, the weather outside is just phenomenal! It will be my first but hopefully not last time I will visit this vibrant city with all its history, markets, beaches and just happy life. Please write me an Email via if you have some hotspots to share with me and the world.
Back to this amazing Maje dress I was able to shoot along with two other looks that will follow in the next week. I know, in my last article I said less is more, but I also do love to play with my looks and my outfits. Therefore I decided to style my first look with the absolute style comeback of this year; Fringes! The ‘Rodeo‘ dress by Maje is a dress you can either wear by day or night. The round neckline combined with the fringes along the sleeves let the dress have an effortless chic look. I paired the dress with the ‘Sahel‘ purse to pick up the fringe look once again. You can combine this dress also with flats or light boots, but I am just more the heels kind of type when it comes to dresses. The Team at the Maje store in Zurich is just so lovely and warm-hearted that it was a true bliss to work with them. Once again my little sister took all the amazing shots and I have to say, she gets better with every single photoshoot. Also as in previous articles with Dolce&Gabbana, Stephanie Schürch did some magic with Makeup and she is definitely a profit for the team. Now enjoy my first look with Maje and stay tuned for more looks.








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