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I just got back from my one month trip to the USA. I am telling you, a American/Colombian Christmas was an absolutely magical and exciting. Whenever you get the chance to expirience new traditions from different cultures you should go for it. There is nothing more fulfilling for me to travel and learn about new things all over the world. And nobody can take that away from me. When I got back on Saturday I was happy to be back home, but as soon as I woke up on Sunday, I was ready to pack my bags and travel again. Therefore I was exited to spend this years Christmas and New Year in the USA as I haven’t done this since I was little.
Eventhough I crave travelling as much as possible, I do appreciate growing up in Switzerland, enjoying a carefree childhood and being able to expirience good quality in schools, food and also clothing. Speaking of high quality clothing, I was more than thrilled to bring a quality good from Switzerland to the USA to shoot infront of the skyline of Atlanta. The virgin woll jacket from Aziza Zina combined with the fake fur made out of silk and produced by the Swiss stuffed animal company Steiff, is a perfect examlpe for Swiss quality combined with the strong yet unimposing designs of Aziza Zina. Their philosophy of their fashion is to expresses a classic, modern elegance which incorporates fanciful elements accentuating the femininity of the women who wear it.
I decided to shoot this very special project at the Piedmont Park which is located right in front of Downtown Atlanta. which is from where we had the perfect view on the skyscrappers. The natural environment in front of the modern city underlined the philosophy of Aziza Zina even more; Versatile, seductive, playful and stylish are the attributes that distinguish Aziza Zina and make its fashion special.
With a statement jacket as the one I wore for this shoot you should keep the rest of the look simple but still interesting. That means some plain skinny jeans and shoes which support the look of the jacket. The virgin woll jacket is perfect for the not warm anymore but yet not freezing cold weather, a tipical weather in Switzerland between October and January. Still, the red details on the shoulders and the checked pattern help you escape from all the dark and dusky colours the weather produces in these cold months.
It was a lot of fun shooting this look and once again, a young talented girl helped me with the pictures. Savannah Holmes studies photography at her high school and was very supportive in helping me with this shooting.














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