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“My hair is definitely one of my favorite body parts, and the color of it even gave this blog its name. Having my hair perfectly styled and ready for any occasion is high on my To-do list every single day. With trying to achieve the perfect look, good hairstyling products that won’t damage your hair is a MUST. I have always kept an eye on the MoistureProtect products of Philips and was thrilled to be able to test out 2 products out of their line and in addition the Lumea Hair Removal tool.”


“Having my beard in order and place every day has always been very important for me. Since I don’t always have enough time to visit one of the fancy barber shops in town, I started shifting my focus towards the top brands and products for shaving at home. For years and years, I have been using the Philips One Blade and I was beyond thrilled to try out 3 other beard trimming machines from Philips. Especially the new beard trimmer has definitely caught my eye, because they finally came up with the glorious idea to literally implement a vacuum, to capture the cut hair efficiently. This will definitely shorten my morning routine and I will have more time to enjoy the morning sun with a cup of coffee.”


The products we have tested out for you


Philips Beard Trimmer: Series 7000

This must have to be my favorite out of the three products I have tested out. It works perfectly for trimming my beard and as mentioned above, I have never seen a beard trimming machine vacuuming up my cut hair.

Another plus for this machine is since I like to keep my beard nicely contoured and in order, that it works really well in keeping my beard contours in shape.


MoistureProtect Auto-Curler

For everyone who follows me on Instagram and knows that my favorite hairstyle is luscious curls, so it is clear that my favorite out of the three products I received to test for you guys is the Philips Auto-Curler.

And let me tell you guys, it hasn’t been easier to do the curls and get that Hollywood glam with the Curl-Boost technology. It automatically wraps your hair and with the MoistureProtect system, it will regulate the temperature and won’t damage your hair.





Philips S7940/16

This is the new wet and dry electric shaver with which you can connect your Philips App to get the most perfected shaving routine you wish for because you are able to keep control over every single movement you make. You can even install your personal shave plan that tackles all your skin issues.

This machine is definitely designed for a close and sensitive cut. The gentle precision blades will cut close even on sensitive skin, so this tool is great for you guys who enjoy the perfect smooth-shaven look.






Philips MoistureProtect Straightener

Since I have naturally straight hair, I do have to say I don’t necessarily use a straightener that often. But you can also use a hair straightener to make a  beach wave hairstyle.

As the name of the product already says, this machine will definitely protect your hair with the built-in sensor with which it adapts the temperature to preserve the natural hydration of your hair.


Philips  S6640/44

The third option I have tried out is a solid and good machine also perfect for a smooth-

shaven look. This is definitely the simpler tool on the tech side but is probably just as good for you if you just want it simple easy and fast.

Stay tuned on my Instagram, because this exact product will be in a give away soon.




Philips Lumea Advanced IPL Hair Removal

Since summertime is just around the corner, this tool is the perfect gift to put in a giveaway for you guys. It’s the easy way to hair removal at home since it sends light impulses to the root of the hair and stops it from regrowing. With different heads, you can even use it on your face. Stay tuned on my Instagram for the giveaway coming up next week.

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Happy Shopping everyone!


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Pictures taken by Diana Kottman

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