Hydration in 4 easy steps

Hydration is key for a healthy looking skin

As you might know from my previous posts, hydration is KEY to healthy-looking skin. I have been using the 4 steps rigorously throughout last month, and my skin is visibly more hydrated. You will never be able to tell if a product truly works after one time usage only because when you use a product for the first time, it has this first time effect and you will see a difference just because your skin is used to other products. But after a while you will notice changes, hopefully, positive ones, just like when I tried out the 4 Avene hydrating products combined. So let’s jump straight into the review of the products, shall we?

1 Avene Mineral Spray

Oh well, for those of you who have followed me for a while now on my Instagram and have read past skincare products, this is the number ONE product I would recommend to anyone with any type of skin to incorporate into their daily skin care routine. Using thermal mineral water on your skin has benefits like soothing and anti-irritation, cooling and hydrating effect. I use this spray first thing in the morning and also at night. I have actually been using this exact product for 12 years straight and have never had any sever skin condition.

2 Hydrance Intense Serum

Your girl likes herself a good serum let me tell you. Serums are great to target specific skin issues, especially when they are used after cleansing and before moisturising the skin with a cream or oil. The Hydrance Intense Serum is easily absorbed, has a melting texture to help replenish the skin with water. And who would have guessed it; they actually use their thermal spring water for this product as well. Heaven!

3 Soothing Eye Contour Cream

No skincare routine should leave out a good eye cream, no matter how old you are. Its all about prevention rather than fixing when the damage is already here ladies. This Eye cream helps de-puffing your sensitive underlie area, and in my case, when I have less puffy under eyes, my overall look will appear more glowy and dewy. I have not noticed the biggest difference on me, but as mentioned before, every skin reacts different to every single product out there, and it might also be that I am just super stressed at Uni at the moment, and nothing would help with my puffiness anyways.

4 Hydrating Emulsion

An emulsion is light, almost water-like and perfect to fight against oily skin without drying out the skin and leaving the hydration of the skin perfectly balanced out. This emulsion is super light, and perfect when it comes to the hotter days that are now approaching in Sydney.

Overall, I loved this skincare range and as mentioned before, even if the eye cream didn’t work for my current state of skin, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be just perfect for you.

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