Indonesian Retreat

We had a real blast travelling around Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok for a month. Indonesia really felt like a retreat, with all its possibilities of relaxation and good food. I was more than surprised to find so much beauty in almost every corner of those islands. Everything there was just perfect; the weather, the atmosphere, the prices, the things to do and the food.

Indonesia really has something for everyone to offer; if it is Everyday-Spa treatments and a healthy lifestyle vacay, a snorkling and sunbathing vacay, an adrenalin and adventurous vacay or a nature and hiking vacay…they will have it all. There will also have monkeys everywhere you go, but don’t fall for those cute little button eye – the are little sneaky thiefs.

I definitley count Indonesia to one of my top ever visited countries because of its massive variety of things to do and its very low pices. I would recommend everyone to visit Indonesia, just be aware that without having real good scooter driving skills you do not get very far.

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