Glamping at Kimo Estate

Kimo is an aboriginal name for “mountains”, and the 3 huts are on top of three hills overlooking the 7000 acre Estate. When standing on the platform of the Fergo’s Hut, overlooking the lagoon, you can finally breathe again. Or that’s how I felt at least. Staying there, definitely makes you remember how to live a simple and yet so fulfilling life with hearing all the animals, breathing in fresh air and not having a regular outlet.

Sophie: I desperately needed a short and romantic getaway, and as soon as we arrived at the Fergo’s hut my heart skipped a beat

Yet, the Kimo Estate definitely thinks of everything; they provide you with fire supplies to make a fire outside, or a light up the oven at night inside the hut. Outside grill, breakfast, cosy sheets and a stunning view, everything is provided and ready for you to indulge in.

Mike: I have never actually started a fire by myself, but I gave my inner boy-scout a try and I guess the picture speaks for itself

The fireplace is another gem of this hut. When you sit on the concrete bench, the fire crackling in front of you and you overlooking the lagoon, that’s when you really feel the tranquility starting to come back in you.

After shooting all day, we went to have dinner at Sir George, which is approximately a 25 minutes drive away. Usually, we immediately go through the pictures and work on them, but when we arrived at the restaurant we decided to not look at them and just enjoy each other and the nice dinner. Already there I felt more Zen with myself, not having to look through hundreds of pictures right away and just being able to enjoy the company you are with.

The next morning I was ready to shoot some more pictures, but I was not able to charge my camera overnight because there was no regular outlet, only two USB plugs (definitely more than enough for anyone who doesn’t shoot with their camera for 8 hours straight a day). Soon after starting to shoot, my camera didn’t have any battery anymore. At first, I freaked out because what should I do, I can’t finish my work and I had so many more ideas. But I soon realized that I should for one second just appreciate where I am at the moment, and not always think about what else there is. So I opened the fridge got the fresh produce they provided all from the farm and cooked the breakfast on the outside grill.

Sophie: That’s what I call real Glamping

I guess that’s what the Kimo Eco huts make with you; they make you relax and enjoy what it is available, and just take a breathe and refocus. I actually woke up at 5.30 am to get the sunrise, which was absolutely stunning, even though the weather was not too great.

Mike: Sitting in front of the fireplace and overlooking the lagoon while the fire keeps you warm; I will never forget this feeling of tranquility

All in all, to get away from your busy everyday life, and to be able to take a deep breathe, I would totally recommend staying a night or two at the Kimo Estate, because the nature, the wildlife and the whole experience makes you find your inner peace.

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