Less is more


Sometimes less is more. As much as I love extravagant clothes, big hair and breathtaking Make-Up, there are some moments where you just want to keep it simple. My hair is naturally straight, but I like to experiment with it a lot. Not the colour though, but structure and style. From messy buns to Amber Fillerup inspired braids to a straight low ponytail to big curls, I love to differentiate my look a lot. Still I also love to keep it all simple and therefore I decided to reveal some tips and tricks to get the ultra simple summer look.


I recently discovered the Clinique BB Cream and I now can’t live without it. What I can’t stand is Make-up that you actually see on your skin, so it does not support but hides your skin, which is in my eyes the wrong way to go. You should always try to use skin products that are both making your skin look flawless and healthy. And thats the keypoint; healthy skin is the prettiest.
My everyday skincare routine consists in 4 steps. First thing in the morning I moisture my skin with the Avène Minerale Dust to freshen up. Then I clean off all the overnight products with the Clinique Exfoliation Lotion. This Lotion is also perfect to use at night, to get rid of all the dirt and dust you get on your skin throughout the day. After cleansing comes moisterizing again with the one and only Ahava Day Moisturizer. I finish my skincare routine with the Clinique BB Cream.


I have to get up at 6.30 am in the morning for work, and you can definitely believe me, that my eyes do not look like on the pictures when I first look in the mirror in the morning. In between the Ahava day moisturizer and the Clinique BB cream I add the Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector from Clinique to work against those dark circles that come from lack of sleep and too much coffee throughout the day. Believe me it is like magic!
When you are still not happy with your look after you added a BB cream and your daily eye makeup, I recommend you try out this simple trick; Add a light, shimmery nude eye shadow onto the inner corners of your eyes. Do not just add white, add something which is way lighter then your normal skintone but still looks all natural.


As I said before, I like to experiment with my hair a lot. Still, it does need a lot of work and treatments for it to look healthy and not dead. I like to treat my hair with the Moroccan Oil after every hair wash. Sometimes, when you know you have not a lot up the other day, you can easily make an overnight hairmask with either your hairoil or coconut fat. Always remember though, when you wash it out, shampoo your hair BEFORE you rinse water over your head! Otherwhise you won’t be able to remove all the oil which was not been sucked into your hair and it will take a lot of hairwashing to get it out completely.


There is nothing worse then chipped lips. But with the almost always cold weather in Switzerland it is sometimes hard to keep the lips smooth and healthy all the time. My absolute beautysecret for smooth lips is Vaseline. It is something so simple and cheap its almost ridicoulus. But Vaseline does not only treat your lips it also makes them appear fuller. That’s why I always use Vaseline for almost all my shootings.
When they are not full enough yet, you can do the same trick you already used for your eyes. Take the same eye shadow you used on your inner eyecorner and apply it right onto the upper part of the lips. This makes them look even more healthy and full.

All in all it is important to stay healthy and happy in order to also look healthy and beautiful. Inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty, and every tip and trick does not work, if the two are not counterbalanced.




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