Lilla Lane

Singapore has and always will be one of my favorite cities in the world. Its combination of luxury and cosmopolitan atmosphere makes it a place to indulge and enjoy. Thats why I was more then thrilled to work with the fashion accessories brand Lilla Lane in Singapore.

Lilla Lane is a Bali based fashion brand with its first doors opened in 2001 by Thora Moss. They combine the Balinese inspired patterns with a touch of luxury and create bags,and wearable accessories to match any occasion. As stated on their website; As there are no fashion seasons in Lilla Lane, a new day is reason enough to showcase a new design.

What I love about this statement, is that it is all based upon an open-minded designer creating beautiful things whenever she wants. Its just great to see brands who are not trying to fit into the standardized scheme of having to come up with something new and innovative four times a year.

Thanks to the help of the lovely store manager Jade in Singapore, I got to choose my favorite items from the store for three looks. My first look is a more laid-back look with a statement backpack and a beautiful gold bracelet from their Santana collection. For the second look, I chose something more sophisticated but still down to earth from the Shiva collection. Even when it comes to the little black dress, you can definitely give the Lilla Lane accessories a go, because just like me on my third look, both purse and cuff work just oh so well with it.


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