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It is this season of the year again, where the big balls take place in Vienna and Zurich. Some would say it is just another event happening this year, but for me it is the Happening par excellence. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess when I would be a grownup. As an ambitious ballerina in my younger years, the Operahouse in Zurich was always a place where magic happened.
Performing on the stage of the Opera of Zurich was within one of my biggest achievements in my life so far. When my little wannabe carrier as a ballerina took its end, I was definitely not done with the Operahouse in Zurich. Whenever I get the chance to go and get inspired by the magical world of the Opera, I do so. Of course I also had to attend the Debutants in 2013, who open the dance for the other guests at the Operaball. Ever since, I join the Operaball in Zurich every year, to get overwhelmed of all the breathtaking gowns, the classic music and the whole atmosphere.
Speaking of the breathtaking gowns; I decided to show you one possible look to wear to an event like this. The silk overall from Aziza Zina is something very unique and special and also something you would not wear to every occasion. Aziza Zina once again proves, that their designs are exceptional; from a checked pattern winter jacket to a black and white silk overall, they have it all. But why an overall when the dresscode is floorlong gown?! Well, this special piece is designed to look like both; gown and overall. That’s why I decided to shoot this piece, as it is perfect for a night full of dancing, decadence and illusions.
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