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In order to underline the beauty and elegance of each and every women, Nude Diamond creates magnificient jewellery based on high quality diamonds from conflict-free zones and 18ct gold. The philosophy of Nude Diamond is literally: Less is more! Why covering more than half of the outstanding and unique beauty of each diamond with a metall? How about Nude Diamonds modern, minimal and recognizable design, which lets the diamonds stand out for themselves.
The word “Diamond” comes from the ancient Greek and means untamed or overpower. With Nude Diamond you can let the sparkling and dazzling diamonds emphasize your untamed and powerful look even more.
For this very special project, I wore the delicate and sensual Lueur necklace, which definitely flashes irresistible brilliance down your neckline. Adding a similar version of earrings such as the Hush earrings, the whole appearance looks dazzling throughout day and night. I combined the feminine and fancy jewellery with a hint of a dress, so that the outstanding jewellery can glance on its fullest.
I do have to confess, that if I had to choose only one piece as my favorite of the marvelous jewellery of Nude Diamond, I could not tell which one. Every single piece has its own beauty and is unique, just like a raw diamond. One of my many favorites though is the Inseparable necklace, standing for love and solidarity, with two diamonds hanging from two fine gold chains. Not only because of its appearence, but also because of its major meaning. But still, I could fall in love with every single piece they sell exclusively for you in their Online Shop.
My very talented, 17 year old sister helped me with this project, as she took all the pictures not only from this post but also from previous ones such as Misty Fairytale, Pure and Heel Up. I think I can say, that I have discovered a young talent, because she has never had anyone who taught her how to take pictures.
All in all, Nude Diamond truly has become one of my favorite jewellery designers of the moment, because nowhere else you can find the combination of quality, uniqueness and outrageous designs of diamond jewellery.












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