One night with you

One night with you

Here is the second series of our photoshoot we had with Melanie, and it was so much fun strolling through the city and taking all these romantic pictures together. Even though we were in a Swiss city, the dusk scenery made it feel like we were strolling to an elegant gala dinner in Venice.

I always have the most fun when I am able to shoot with Mike because I just feel the most comfortable when I am with him. We have just recently started shooting together, let me know in the comments what you think 🙂

It’s funny how, a person who hasn’t been in your life for that long, can still have such an impact on you. And that you can’t imagine not having this person in your life.

I am about to leave Switzerland for one year, but I more and more see the beauty of this country with all its hidden treasures (as long as the sun is out, otherwise I really turn into a hater).

A person can have such an impact on you, even though they haven’t been in it for that long

Yesterday marked our official 11 months anniversary , so cute right? Even though it has been just a little bit over a year since I can call this funny, handsome and loving human being my man and be able to be his partner in crime for whatever we have yet to conquer.

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