London, London

Fashion Travel 16. December 2016 1 Comments

I almost thought that my trip to Italy in August was my dernière travel I would do this year – but lucky me I have amazing friends and I got to go on a quick shopping trip to London with one of my best friends. Those short trips with your girlfriends are by far the best ones; you make sooo…

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Fashion 28. October 2016 2 Comments

Ohh how much I love a warm fall day. There is something about those warmish days, where the sun is shining but you still don’t have the feeling of craving of laying by the beach (although I have that almost everyday). Your day just gets a million times better when the weather is good. Switzerland is know to be a…

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Everyday is a fashion show

Fashion 18. October 2016 1 Comments

“Everyday is a fashion show” is definitely my go to motto. Don’t you feel a million times better when you are slaying that perfect outfit even though you are only going to the groceries store? Since I started studying I am spending a lot of time at home for all the self-studies. I have been absent from school for two…

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Fashion 16. October 2016 1 Comments

Let’s just appreciate how perfect this white dress is; I mean please! There is that thing about expiriencing sunsets, but the ones in Fiji are definitely the Crème de la Crème of sunsets. It’s just the whole feeling you have; South Sea Islands, Bula Vibe, Beach, Sun and tanned skin just make it the most perfect combination of them all. I…

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Oh Europe

Fashion 14. October 2016 3 Comments

After traveling for almost 7 months now, being back in my beloved Europe feels like a dream. I saw so many cultures, colours, architectural wonders and people but still, Europe with all its edges and curves is just ohh soo overwhelming. It was my first time in Lyon, but the minute we drove into the city I felt catapulted into…

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Amore mio

Fashion 11. October 2016 1 Comments

Oh how much I always loved Milan, and no visit to this glorious city is complete without appreciating the exquisit Duomo. I mean not only does the food, the fashion and the climate pay its tribute to this Italian city, but so does the architecture. Italians in general have a great taste of design in any kind of way; if…

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Fashion 6. October 2016 92 Comments

That feeling I got while strolling through Sydney felt like a dream come true to me. This city is packed with gorgeous architecture, beautiful gardens and amazing people. You have beach access almost around every corner but still got that metropolitan feeling while walking through the business district. What stunned me the most was the harbour area with the world famous…

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Dolce far niente

Collaboration 27. September 2016 1 Comments

After being away for almost 2 months now, I am finally back with new pictures and new articles. You probably wonder now what I did after traveling the world for seven months.. well: I moved to another city and I started studying international affairs. Here’s to a new chapter in my life. Who of you girls did have the urge…

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