Road trip along the Australian East Coast

After spending two absolutely amazing weeks in Sydney with one of my best friends, whose wedding I attended earlier this year and who moved to Sydney to fulfill her dreams and hopes we started making our way all the way up to Cape Tribulation and back down to Brisbane in 3 weeks.

It took nearly a week to drive all the way up to Brisbane, stopping in Forster, Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise along the way. After having a quick and relaxing stop in Brisbane we tried to save as much time as possible by driving up to Cairns in two days. You probably all think now, but what about Whitsunday Islands, Magnetic Island, Hervey Bay and much more. Well, no worries, we did all that taking our time while driving down to Brisbane.

From Cairns on we started doing a lot of activities, including waterfalls, the Cape Tribulation and the Great Barrier Reef. After spending nearly another week of sightseeing around Cairns, we started making our way down again, stopping for a two day sailing trip in the Whitsundays and a short sleepover on Magnetic Island. Right when the bad weather approached, we stopped in Hervey Bay for a couple of days. Due to the rain we decided on doing shopping instead of more outdoor activities, which was absolutely awesome, because Australia is loaded with Outlet shopping malls. We arrived right on time in Brisbane to get ready for our next adventure; Fiji. (Read all the articles and see all the pictures we shot in Fiji hereherehere and here).

As a picture speaks more than a thousand words I will let you indulge in all the mesmerizing moments that we had in Australia yourself.



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