Do you know that feeling of a hot, humid day, when everything feels sticky and uncomfortable? And when you just wanna jump into the next cool water next to you?
Yep, I have that loads of times! Especially while travelling in hot and humid countries and not being able to take a swim or cool down in an airconditioned room. My solution to this? Refresh your face.

Refreshing your face is probably the best feeling you will get all day long. I usually use Rosewater in a little spray that I just carry around in my purse, but due to me travelling for so long and using it so frequently (it does not only refresh you but also cleanses your skin in the most natural way possible), I emptied my bottle by the time I arrived in Australia. I then discovered the brand SALT, standing for Sea, Air, Light and Therapy.

As stated on their website: ” SALT takes inspiration from the gifts of the earth: Salty water, sandy skin and the warmth of the sun. This bio-active, vegan skincare range is perfect for those who wish to nourish their bodies with the wonders of mother nature”

So, as I was in desprete need of a new face refresher, SALT definitely was my life saver with their Lime+Papaya face toner. It gives me a fresh glow and revives my skin whenever I need it.




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