As you might have noticed from my latest Instagram posts and also from my whole blog color concept, the color pink plays a major role in it. Let’s just appreciate how cute my logo is. Because of my admiration for the color of feminity and romance and the awareness of breast cancer month, I decided to show you a rather bold pink and rather girly coat styled in a more mature way.Especially during those grey and drab days in Switzerland, a pop of color doesn’t hurt every once in a while. But yeah, people will stare at you if you walk around in a pink coat at the end of October. But I gotta tell you its a lot of fun to embrace the color, especially styled with a classic fall cozy sweater and over knee boots.

Breast cancer awareness month is a great idea, but definitely not the solution to the problem. Coming from a family, where breast cancer has been present, being aware of it at all times, especially as a woman, is essential. I mean, I am not trying to say that you have to go complete maniac about it now, calling your doctor and being frightened by it, but you should be aware of the risks and how you can prevent it from being triggered. I am well aware, that if you have cancer cells in your body that even though you live a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle, cancer can still be triggered. But you also shouldn’t leave it up to fate. If you want to find out more about the breast cancer awareness month and everything around it check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Let me know what your favorite color is and how you like to style it!

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