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I have flown quite a bit the last couple of years, due to the fact that I did an around the
world trip and that I constantly have the so called: travel bug. Even though I travel to a different destination every time, I always have my travel essentials with me, whether they are beauty products or clothing essentials.

Since I am travelling to Dubai this Weekend, I thought I would bring you a long my travel packing hacks to pack light (just kidding I can’t pack light and stopped trying a long time ago) and to never feel stressed out that you have forgotten something.

Tip 1 – Packlist

Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 14.14.00.pngAfter I booked my flight, my hotel or train ride I start making a To-do list with things that
I want to bring. Now, I don’t necessarily sit down and write one right away. I do it as I go on with my life, so whenever I remember an item or piece of clothing to take with me, I will write it down

I am a total To-do list freak, that kind that would write ‘ make to-do list tomorrow’ on my to-do list. It has helped me in all aspects of my life, doesn’t let me forget (most of) my things, and is just a good support system to my already over-used brain cells.




Tip 2 – Inspiration gathering

Something I like to do no matter if I go on vacation or not is to save any inspirational image or video on Instagram into a folder. But especially when I know I will travel somewhere, I will literally stalk all my favourite content creators, influencers and photographers on Instagram and collect all their current restaurant tips, picture spots and places to visit.
I feel like this, you will always stay on track what is new and you will definitely find hidden treasures which you would never find if you would just google ‘Restaurants Dubai’ for example.

I would even have this for my hometown Zurich, since there is super talented photographers and influencers all over the world, and even though you think you know your city, there are always going to be spots and corners that you might have forgotten about, or haven look at from a different angle. And we all know; it’s all about them angles 🙂

Tip 3 – Skincare

I can not stress enough how important it is to treat your skin well, not just whilst flying but in general (stay tuned for more skin care related posts), but inside an airplane, the air is so dry it feels like your skin is exposed to a desert. That’s how dry the air gets inside an airplane. So here’s what I do:

Prior to flight

I strip off all my makeup, because that way I can really work on my face and my skin is able to take in on all the good stuff I am about to apply. Don’t forget to bring all your favourite beauty products, best in small containers for a better travel comfort. I also pack all my beauty products I need on my flight in a small, clear toilet bag, which makes it super convenient to go through security.


During the flight

I like to start the flight with doing an extra cleanse with the Avène Facial Mist, and a cotton pad. Then I would clean it one more time with my all time favourite Clinique toner. After I really cleaned my face and it is stripped of all of the dirt and oils, I like to apply a sheet mask, because they make the least mess and are the easiest to travel with. I just tried out the Hydro Boost Neutrogena Face mask on my most recent flight and as of all the products in this line I loved it (soooo much hydration).

After I while, I first clean my hands with a hand sanitiser, and then remove the mask and massage in all the excess from the mask into my skin. On a regular basis, I don’t like to do it, but since the air is so dry, I like to keep my skin as moist as possible. After it all soaked in, I like to apply any oil or thick cream, especially if it is a long flight. My favourite at the moment is the Dr.Otto Rose Oil Serum.


After flight

Unless I have a meeting with the Queen, I don’t apply makeup after my flights. Just kidding never happened, but I can’t stress enough; even if you cleaned your face before you applied all the oils etc. there is dirt from the air on top of your products, and if you close your pores with makeup, you will just work the bacteria in. So just wait until you get a chance to give your face a good cleanse, nothing to harsh because your skin might be a little dried out, and then after you reapplied your skin care, go ahead and style up like a drag queen.


Stay tuned for more Beauty tips!

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