When in Capetown


At the end of our trip in South Africa we stayed in Cape Town around two weeks exploring, indulging and experiencing everything this beautiful city has to offer.


What to eat when in Capetown

Nobu at the One and Only Hotel

For all the Nobu lovers out there I don’t have to say to much about this. As mentioned on their website: Nobu, the worlds most recognized Japanese restaurant, known for its innovative new style cuisine paired with a hip crowd and celebrity following.
So if you are up for a night full of surprisingly delicious and mouthwatering japanese cuisine with a touch of cosmopolitan you should definitely sign up for this one.


Truth Cafe

If you can’t survive mornings without coffee even when you are on vacation or if you simply enjoy sipping this energizing brew throughout the day you should definitely give the Truth Cafe a try. Starting from the interior design to the way the waiters are dressed to the way they serve food, drinks and of course coffee it all connects to their statement “Flavour not bitterness”.


Market on the Wharf

When you’re just like me, someone who loves to travel, who craves for trying new and especially rare things that you can’t get at your favorite restaurant back home ,you should go crazy in the Market on the Wharf. You can try from local dishes to international ones, sweets, salty, spicy, hot and cold you will definitely get it all.


What to do when in Cape Town

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is the absolut must-see in Capetown, not only because it is the signature mountain of Capetown but also because of its fantastic view. There are several ways to get to the top, but I recommend hiking it up (even though I don`t like walking). When you get to the top you get this incredible view, you can enjoy lunch and even have Wifi up there. I would also recommend you using the Cable Car because it gives you a beautiful 360 degrees view of the Mountain and its surroundings.


Victoria Wharf

Victoria Wharf is both famous for its shopping and restaurants variety. You can spend at least two days there exploring all of its attractions including several shopping malls, aquarium, boat trips, restaurants and of course the port of Capetown.



Bo-Kaap is a colourful place in the middle of Capetown. Every single house has its own colour. Inspired by the arabic style, this Middle-Eastern part of Cape Town is a must-do for everyone.



If you have some spare time while visiting Cape Town and you have a hot and sunny day, you should definitely give one of the many beaches surrounding Cape Town a try. If you are more up to exploring the wild life right at the shore check out Boulders Beaches. If you are looking for a more relaxing day off all the hectic and loud city, pack your beachbag and enjoy 4th Beach.


Robben Island

Known for its prisoners and famous for Nelson Mandela this Island is a historical highlight. Taking of from Victoria Wharf, a ferry takes you to the island right in front of Cape Town. You will get welcomed by a tour guide who shows you around the island and of course tells you stories about the past of the prison. Actually we were lucky to have a guide who actually was inprisoned in 1962.That way everything was even more authentic and real.


My favorite shopping spots when in Cape Town

I do have to say all along South Africa I have done quiet some shopping, especially authentic South African goods that you can’t really get back home. Due to it being so cheap you could basically go in any kind of local souvenier shop and purchase goods. One store that was particularly insane  was a South African goods shop right in the middle of Victoria Wharf craziness. It actually was a whole house filled with souveniers, gifts, and South African Art work all spread out on three levels.


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