When in Rio de Janeiro

When people ask me how I experienced Rio I always answer: Loud and Hot. All the colours, the people, the food, the parties at night and the strong sun; loud and hot.


What to eat when in Rio

Coconut Stands and Juice Bars

While walking through the city you will notice that there are a lot of Juice Bars and Coconut stands all over the place. Even though the Juice Bars can look a little scetchy they are definitely worth a try because they are freshly made and just delicious. I did notice in general that the locals aim to live a very healthy lifestyle with a lot of outside activities, such as workout stations all a long Copacabana and Ipanema Beach or just generally walking and jogging a lot.

When it comes to fresh Coconut Water I am always in. Lucky me, all over Rio there were Stands selling the already cooled down fruit ready for you to enjoy. Just remember to get your handds on them as early as possible through out the day, because they are quite popular and limited.

Fogo de Chao

What definitely should be on your must-do list when in Rio is a typical Brazilian barbeque. I cant think of a better place then the world famous Fogo de Chao right in the centre. It is an all you can eat menue, with waiters constantly walking around with sizzling and mouthwatering meats. There is also a big buffet with salads, cheeses and other complementary dishes that go with your meats. We literlly sat there for three hours straight just eating and enjoying the night.

Beach Vibes

When in Rio you will spend some days at the beach for sure. If you are looking for a calm and quiet get-away from the loud city you are wrong. The party actually starts at the beach. hundrets of sellers trying to make the best out of the many locals and tourists are walking along the beach yelling what they have to offer.
I would recommend you not going to a restaurant for lunch when you have a beach day, try the things the sellers carry with them such as Acai bowls, freshly grilled prawns, kebabs and cheese(some even carry their own little portable grill and they will prepare it right in front of you. You definitely dont need to take any kind of alcohol nor drinks since every second sales person carries ice cold water, soft drinks and already mixed Capirinha.

What to do when in Rio

Parque Lage 

This park is a beautiful green oasis for everyone trying to escape the busy city for a while. There is a lot of little pathways and even the walk way up to the Cristo . Go have a homemade tea while you are there at the little cafe.


Sugar Loaf 

On the opposite side of the Cristo is Sugar Loaf, two smaller but not less spectacular hills, from which you have a stunning view 360 degrees around Rio. I do recommend you going in the late afternoon, because the sunset is just breathtaking! If you have some extra tomw on your hand, take one of the helicopter rides who give you an even better view from above Rio.


Something you definitely can’t miss while visiting Rio is the worldfamous Cristo overlooking Rio and all its people the statue is quite magical. Try to go on a less sunny day, that way you have less people but it is definitely not less spectacular. I would recommend you hiking up the two hour trail from Parque Lage and staying until after sunset. In my eyes the statue and the whole city its even more magical with lights.




Oh how I was looking forward to the Beaches in Rio. Copacabana and Ipanema are both loud and hot just like the city itself. Hundreds of people share the beach and each day feels almost like a festival day. Music, happy people, little bikinis and big waves definitely brings out that vacation vibe.



My favorite shopping spots when in Rio

I do think that my favorite place to shop was the two beaches both Copacabana and Ipanema beach. Its like you going to a big shopping mall, but with you tanning and sipping on a Caipirinha while they lay out the hundrets of bikinis and dresses rright in front of you to choose from. I would definitely recommend you uying beachwear there, because it is just a lot cheaper and you have a way bigger variety of clothing.



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