I know, Winter is about to hit us hard here in Switzerland. The days are so short, it literally feels like the day has never really started in the first place. There is barely any sun, so the days are filled with grey clouds and rain drops. So why not indulge in some throwback pictures from my vacation this summer with my family?

Although I am a person who loves to wear black on black on black, during summertime, one of my favorite outfit choices is definitely white-out looks. You know when you get that Summer glow tan and that lighter hair, its just a match made in heaven to wear an all-white outfit. Bonus: You will look even more tan than before 🙂

As much as I am craving those hotter and sunnier days, the Wintertime does have its perks. Christmas decoration, oversized knitted sweaters, being cuddled up under a cozy blanket and sipping on hot chocolate, Winter does have its charm. What is your favorite time of the year?

I love to pair single colored outfits with statement accessories. Here I chose to go with the colors of my surroundings, the brownish, orange color scheme of the beach (Scroll down to shop similar items). White does go with absolutely every color, even more white don’t you think?


Stay tuned for more!





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